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Teatro Vila Velha

Profile: Marcio Meirelles, Artistic Director 

Marcio Meirelles_Foto - João Milet Meirelles

Director, set and costume designer Marcio Meirelles founded the theatre group Avelãz y Avestruz (l976-1989) and in the 1980s created and directed A Fábrica (1982) cultural space, worked for TV Educativa da Bahia, created Projeto Teatro for the Gregorio de Mattos Foundation, and served as director of Teatro Castro Alves.

In 1990, Meirelles co-created with Chica Carelli the ensemble O Bando de Teatro Olodum which he continues to direct. In addition to his work with Avelãz y Avestruz and Bando, he has directed and designed productions with Companhia dos Comuns (Rio de Janeiro) and Teatro XVIII (Salvador) among others, as well as musical concerts with some of the leading artists of Brazil and Latin America.

In 1994, Meirelles became Artistic Director of Teatro Vila Velha in Salvador and, with Chica Carelli and Angela Andrade, created the New Vila Project revitalizing and restoring the theatre with the support of state, federal, and corporate entities. With Chica Carelli and Hilton Cobra he coordinated the National Forum on Black Performance I and II.

Meirelles has received numerous awards and recognitions. He has worked on several national and international projects including Zumbi with the Black Theatre Co-op, as a part of LIFT (London International Festival of Theatre) in London, 1995. In partnership with Portuguese speaking theatre groups and associations he worked to coordinate international projects throughout the Lusophone world establishing exchange projects between the resident troupes at Vila Velha Theatre and various neighborhoods of the city of Salvador as well as lesser served areas of the Bahian state. He has also served as Secretary of Culture for the state of Bahia (2007-2010).

Company Profile: Teatro Vila Velha

Situated in a public park, the Vila Velha Theated opened in 1964. The main performing space is a unadorned black box composed by three levels that allows endless new configurations. The capacity varies for each event, the space holds up to 400 standing or 235 seating. The Cabaret is a small theatre with 100 seats with café-théâtre. In both halls there are stage crew, technical and stage facilities and air conditioning. The complex also included two rehearsal spaces.


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