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Hua Dan

Profile: Caroline Watson, Founder and Director


Caroline set up Hua Dan in 2004 and has spearheaded all areas of Hua Dan’s inception and development, including, but not limited to, project management, organisational development, strategy and vision, fundraising, marketing and communications, and HR. As a pioneer of arts-based approaches to social change, Caroline has lead the organisation through its first seven years of growth and is committed to growing an organisation that has a scalable and replicable international model.

Caroline has received numerous awards for her work with Hua Dan. She has recently been nominated a Young Global Leader as part of the 2011 World Economic Forum. She was selected as an Architect of the Future at the 2007 Waldzell Meeting and was a 2010 Paragon Fellow, a fellowship offered by the Foundation for Youth Social Entrepreneurship.

Profile: Tao Yangyang, Creative Director 


Tao Yangyang has been working as a volunteer and a trainer for Hua Dan since 2005. Since 2008, she has served as Hua Dan’s senior creative trainer and creative director. Her work with Hua Dan has allowed her to focus on the creative direction of the organization and grow as a part of the senior management team. Over the past year she has served an important role in the creative and management capacity building for the teams in Beijing and Sichuan. After graduating from the College of Art and Design at Nanchang University with a drama major, Yangyang now also works as an actress for film, television and theatre in Beijing.

Company Profile: Hua Dan

Hua Dan is a Hong Kong-registered charity dedicated to using the power of participation in theatre workshops as a tool for individual and community transformation. Through such workshops, they assist migrant workers and their children in mainland China, who are either migrants themselves or left-behind to stay with family. Migrants and their children have little access to social welfare (healthcare, education, labour, insurance, housing and legal protection). They have little awareness of their legal rights, lack the skills to increase their employability, lack access to personal and professional development, and face discrimination based on their social status.

Hua Dan grew out of free weekly workshops with migrant women run in partnership with a local NGO. Hua Dan has touched the lives of over 21,000 migrant workers, migrant children and earthquake-affected rural adults and children..

Their vision is for people everywhere to lead their lives with integrity, creativity, courage, and confidence.


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