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So where are the ICE2 fellows?

The second year of International Creative Entrepreneurs is well underway! Starting with a sharing event with our first round of ICE fellows in November 2012, Amble, Jack, Janis, Douglas and Marianne began the process of selecting which country and company they wanted to go to, choosing a mentor and participating in Action Learning Sets with their ICE colleagues.

With their departures spread right across the first half of 2013, some of the ICE2 fellows have finished or are due to complete their placements while other have just left or are about to! With hosts in China, Brazil and Turkey, it has certainly proven a nail-biting year so far, with the team keeping a close eye on the news of protests coming out of Brazil and Turkey.

So where exactly is everyone?


Amble has just arrived in China for her placement with Hua Dan after spending a fortnight with them earlier in the year. Amble intends to leave China through Mongolia, checking out the cultural scene there. To keep up to date with Amble’s placement, you can check out her blog.

Amble arrives with Hua Dan hot on the heels of Jack Nissan who has just completed his placement there and returned home full of ideas and inspiration on possible projects to deepen the China/UK connection. Jack, Artistic Director of Tinderbox Project muses on ‘Finding your place and the ICE Fellowship’ here.

Janis has just completed three months with Xindanwei and, by the sounds of her updates, has had her mind well and truly blown by her experiences there and through working with the organisation’s leader, Liu Yan. You can read Janis’ reflections on her time at Xindanwei here.

On the other side of the planet, Douglas is in transit to Sao Paulo, via Rio de Janeiro, having spent an enlightening few weeks with his first host, Teatro de Vila Velha in Salvador. Dougie has been blogging – tracking his experiences, reflections and observations while there. His next host will be Escola de Teatro de Sao Paulo, an innovative school of theatre – keep an eye on his blog for updates!

Last to depart is Marianne who, from 15th July, will be spending her 3 months on placement in Istanbul, Turkey at The Museum of Innocence. Having spent months preparing and seeing her ICE colleagues depart and return through the Action Learning Set, we can’t wait to see what revelations and discoveries Marianne makes during her time there and if/how the experiences of the rest of the cohort influence them.

Marianne will be the last ICE fellow to return and shortly after that we’ll be holding another sharing event to hear about year two of ICE through the eyes of the participants. You can register your interest in attending with Kim Simpson on

See you there!

Image from Flickr Creative Commons licensed images; user dirkb86.

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