Global Development Opportunities for Leaders Working in Arts, Screen, and Creative Sectors

Further reading for those thinking of applying for ICE Year 2

If you are thinking about applying for ICE year 2 then get ahead of the game by checking out some of the links below.

International Creative Entrepreneurs was funded through Creative Scotland and Arts Council England for year 1. ACE were responsible for the highly successful Cultural Leadership Programme. Their legacy site is a great starting point for anyone looking to develop their leadership and entrepreneurial skills in an international context.

You can also download the Cultural Leadership Reader, another great resource for anyone considering ICE.

CLP Leadership Works offers CLP evaluation reports, articles, films and case studies.

TO develop your creative and cultural skills, make sure you have a look at Creative Choices.

British Council’s Creative Economy section has some really interesting info and resources around creative entrepreneurship and their programme Cultural Leadership International offers more exciting opportunities for anyone looking for this type of professional development opportunity.

Finally, make sure you get your head around mentoring, coaching and action learning by reading up on it here. This is an integral part of the ICE programme and has proven invaluable to year 1’s cohort.

Happy reading!

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