Global Development Opportunities for Leaders Working in Arts, Screen, and Creative Sectors

Bonus professional development!

ICE is great. Not only has it offered 6 Scottish leaders a fantastic development opportunity in an international context, but I have been able to undertake my own professional development alongside my duties as Coordinator.

For example, I recently visited FORM and Carriageworks in Australia, hosts of Tiernan Kelly, Sarah Tierney and Sally Hobson respectively, to see first-hand how some of our placements had gone. I also spent some time scouting for and meeting with potential future hosts.

But since Australia is SO FAR it seemed a waste not to expand on the value of the trip by meeting with some organisations and people who are working in areas that I find interesting and inspiring professionally as well. I spent three weeks in Australia discovering the lay of the cultural land and meeting some truly wonderful folk, not just from the performing arts sector but working in visual arts, environmental sustainability and placemaking.

The common themes that emerged throughout these conversations were around leadership, entrepreneurship, sustainability (economic AND environmental), inter-cultural dialogue, community working and development, international working and the wonderful and under-celebrated spaces between disciplines. I was able to spend time thinking about the role of art as a catalyst and how our activities in the creative and cultural sector fit with wider activity regionally, nationally, internationally, socially and politically. I would love to share some of these thoughts but we’ll take them one at a time, shall we?

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