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What is happening with our ICE participants?

ICE 2011/12 is now well underway, with all 6 of our participants out on placement. Soon, the first of these will be returning! Focussing on out first three out here but check out the news on ICE for updates on the rest.

First out, Anna Burkey has been working with Interactive Africa on their Design Indaba with Ravi Naidoo and Leshni Shah. As well as producing an event called Common Pitch, a project which Anna relished, she has been using the opportunity at Interactive Africa to learn about the cultural and creative landscape not only of Cape Town but of South Africa as a whole. Anna has also been working with Open Book Festival Cape Town, offering support and insight drawing on her experience with Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature and Edinburgh International Book Festival.

Tiernan Kelly was soon to follow, heading out to Perth in Western Australia with his family for three months working with Lynda Dorrington at FORM. Tiernan has really been getting stuck in and aside from the sweltering weather in his first weeks, he has loved the experience.

Paul Fitzpatrick was next on a plane, destination; Kolkata, India. Working with the Weavers Studio and its dynamic leader, Darshan Shah, Paul has been working on a business plan for a Weavers Studio Centre for the arts. This has also afforded him time and opportunity to meet with creative practitioners from Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai. Getting to grips with the vast gap between the very rich and the very poor has been one of Paul’s biggest challenges thus far.

Three exciting and challenging experiences! More updates on out participants and their experiences soon.

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