Global Development Opportunities for Leaders Working in Arts, Screen, and Creative Sectors

Online Resources #1

For those of you that have not had the pleasure of stumbling across TED yet, The Educated Entrepreneur ( has done us the great favour of compiling 10 ted talks ( all entrepreneurs should check out..

Aside from signposting 10 highly interesting and useful talks for anyone developing their entrepreneurial skills, the Educated Entrepreneurs blog also offers some equally interesting insights.

“Entrepreneur; In common understanding it is taken as describing the dynamic personality of someone who attempts to organize resources in new and more valuable ways, and completely accepts full responsibility for the outcome”

Some great insights into entrepreneurial approaches are offered and the impressive speakers listed in this small selection are definitely making waves in the world of entrepreneurship.

If you are short on time, start with ‘How to Start a Movement’ by Derek Silvers.

This is a great taster of the type of ‘ideas worth spreading’ that Ted champion. Once you have waded through these first 10 videos, head to to search through heaps of digital footage of inspirational, courageous, insightful, persuasive, ingenious, beautiful, jaw-dropping, informative or just plain funny talks from a range of speakers from around the world and from a variety of walks of life. You certainly won’t be bored.


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